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Guest Post - September
You know, when you're headed to a fashion event, and you hope against hope that no one else is wearing the same as you? That Primark special, or that Zara must have, it's a major headache when shopping your wardrobe! Imagine then, just for a moment, having less than 15% (it's a guess mind) of the stores to shop at. Ha, I hear you puff, how is that possible! There is eBay, online shopping, charity shops galore!

There may well be, for the glorious size 14. Or the wonderful size 12. Or even the heavenly size 16. But for us fabulous fats out there, we have a struggle. We have far fewer PHYSICAL stores to touch and see and try on clothes at. (I live near Newcastle. The high street has one fat friendly store now - New Look Inspire. It has about 20 pieces in it). Now, please don't come to me with 'Well, Weight W****ers worked for...". No. Don't. I love who I am, and what size I am. I do not, for one second, want to change that.

I was such a fashion event at the weekend. It was called PlusNorth, and after being held in Leeds last year, it was in Manchester. There were about 200 amazing women there during the day. I only spotted 2 people in the same outfit. TWO! How? How did we manage this with so few retailers out there? Through sheer style and determination. Which is why, FATshion blogs for me, are more varied, more interesting. Because we have to make styling choices, keep clothes from year to year, or customise them. A number of us were rocking the vintage look for example. Some of us had accessories from a boutique new company called Black Heart Creatives. But we weren't the SAME.

Over the years of only shopping in Evans, and a little bit from DP, has taught me my STYLE. I think mainstream fashion has a lot to gleam from the plussize fashion blogs. Head over to #psbloggers if you want to check some out.
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