matte lip paints

Matte Lip Paints are my favourite lip products to use (after my revlon lip balm stain) because they create really lovely colour, that isn't shiny or sticky! They should be smooth like velvet but stay on the lips for a long time without rubbing off,  I own four and thought I'd tell you what I think of them! 
The first one I bought was the Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream in Fairy Cakes which is a pink/ nude that is great for when I was a hint of colour but not too much shine. Then I was sent  the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp which is a coral / orange colour that I love wearing on summer days. Then I have two Miners Matte Factor Lip Paints in Hot Pink & Peach. 
1- NYX is one of my favourite brands, and their products rarely disappoint me, this is no exception, I really love the formula and finish of antwerp and the colour is so pretty. It's a coral / orange shade that looks great with a brown smokey eye and subtle blush. It lasts a long time on the lips and doesn't rub off too much when drinking etc.
2 - This is the second product I ever bought from Miners and I bought it from the Miners Cosmetics stand at Boundary Mill! (The first time I bought the hot pink lipstick in glamour girl - love that too) It is insanely pigmented and is a real hot hot pink, which as you know, is my favourite colour to wear on my lips. It creates a smooth velvety finish and doesn't rub off too much either.
3 - Miners Cosmetics really kindly sent me this Lip Paint in Peach, which I knew I would love just as much as the Hot Pink shade. Again, it is a very pigmented peach shade!
4 - Collection 2000 were the first matte lip paints that I came across and I still love them now, Fairy Cake is probably the most natural lip colour that I own, and it's my very own 'my lips but better' shade. It doesn't last the longest on the lips but the finish is really lovely.

My favourite is definitely the Miners Lip Paints due to their amazing pigmentation and lasting power, and they're only £3.99 so they're not too big of a dint to the pocket.

Do you own any matte lip products? What's your favourite brand and shade?

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  1. I love the classic Carmex for my lips, especially for the winter months!.

  2. These all look so pigmented and pretty! I love a good lip paint - sleek have some promising ones on offer x


  3. I love these, they are great for school and also, with the Cream Puff I can still kiss my fiancé without living makeup on his lips ! :)


  4. They look really pretty, I think I will try any one that I can get my hands on.