autumn boots ft. barratts

I am a complete sucker for black boots, and whats more black boots with hardware! Barratts.co.uk* sent me some gorgeous buckled black boots, perfect for Autumn / Winter! These boots feature two straps decorated with small golden studs and gold buckles and brogue like detailing on the front.

They have a small heel and no zips, so you have to undo at least one buckle to get these on, which I like because then there's no added fuss to the boot and it's pretty secure on the foot. I am a UK6 and these fit perfectly, I have slim ankles so there's a little room around the top, but with tights or socks on they fit like a glove.
You may be thinking 'but Serena, the hardware is gold! You hate gold!' and while this is true.. I really like the look on these boots, I would probably like them even more if it were silver, but no complains here because they go with my black jeans that have gold zips at the bottom! They look adorable with ruffly socks peaking over the top and cannot wait to wear these with ruffle socks, thin black tights, a nice tartan skater skirt and my leather jacket! 
I have worn these five times now, each time walking quite long distances and can honestly say they are really comfy! I only had a little pinching around my little toes (however I had walked around Alton Towers the day before in converse that got wet.. so that's probably why) Other then that I have no genuine complaints about these boots and would recommend them to anyone looking for a nice autumn / winter boot with buckles. The only thing I could possibly say against these is they they came with a little glue around the seam at the front which you can see in the photo below, I'm going to use a little black polish to hide that so it should be okay.
Check these boots out for yourself here, they are £40 on Barretts. And also a big thanks to mum for taking these photos for me! I have my eye on yet another pair of shoes from Barratts, so keep your eyes peeled!
What do you think about these boots? What would you wear them with? 

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