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I'm going to be totally cliche and say 'wow, I cant believe were into August already' but really.. it feels like we just had Christmas! And now it's 4 months away. Total madness! Anyway, it's wish list time! So here are my beauty, fashion and random picks for August:
| 1 - Tartan Jacket  / Primark £25 | 2 - Papaya / Barry M Gelly £3.99 | 3 - Baby Lips / Maybelline £2.99 | 4 - Baby Lips / Maybelline £2.99 | 5 - Baby Lips / Maybelline £2.99 | 6 - Tartan Skirt / Primark | 7 - Sever / Lauren DeStefano  | 8 - Intrusion / Ken Macleod | 9 - iPad Mini Case / Lente Designs | 10 - Tattoo / Coheed and Cambria Lyric |

ONE - I saw this jacket online a while ago and saw it in person in Aberdeen and thought, yes, I really do need this for Autumn 2013. I had a good old feel and it actually feels really well made and thick and lovely. I didn't try it on but am heading into my local town tomorrow (to pick up more baby lips!) and will probably try it on. It's £25 which yes, for Primark is more on the expensive side (and for me £25 on a jacket is a lot anyway) but it felt so lovely and I love tartan, so... I think it will be mine soon!
TWO - I bought two of the BarryM Gelly high shine polishes in Grapefruit and Guava last week and love them so much that I decided I need more. I'm craving some orange action so think I'll be getting Papaya next.
THREE/FOUR/FIVE - I bought three of the Maybelline Baby Lips (Hydrate/Cherry Me/Pink Punch) last Thursday and love them so much that I've decided to purchase the other three flavours! I have the perfect amount of Boots Points for me to get all three remaining flavours Intense Care / Mint Fresh and Peach Kiss.
SIX - Again, I have been wanting a tartan skirt for years after having one in the 90's and wearing it with a black polo jumper (awesome) I just think they're so grungy and cool, and this one comes with its own safety pin!
SEVEN - I'm still looking around for the third in the series, Sever. Not too expensive to buy online but I'm hoping it will pop up in The Works like the second one did so I can get it for £1.99 again!
EIGHT - When I go into book shops I tend to take photos of the books I want to buy so that I can source them cheaper online (lame, but saving money is cool..) and I came across this one in Waterstones. The blurb intrigued me and I can't wait to pick it up.
NINE - Did I mention I won an iPad mini... Yes! Well anyway, I instantly hit google looking for cute and good quality cases to make sure I don't damage my new technological friend and found this one which I think is adorable and looks to be perfect!
TEN - This probably won't happen in August as I'm still not 100% on the font choice, but this the lyric that I want tattooed on my wrist. It is from the song Afterman by Coheed and Cambria. I don't need to go into meanings, but I really like my choice and will hopefully go ahead with my tattoo sometime this year. 
What are your wishlist items for August?

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