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I've never really had a bucket list as such, just a cluster of ideas and things I'd love to do before I'm old and can't be bothered to leave my rocking chair. So I thought I'd bring them together and make that inevitable list. Pushing aside the having a family, children and a great job, here are some of the budget (and extravagant) things on my list:


Get my self a proper camera and lighting for my YouTube videos:

As you know, I've been making YouTube videos now since September 2010 and I don't see an end to my channel. I think my long and lovely journey with my Canon Legria FS306 is finally coming to an end and would love to upgrade to a HD camera, so that I can continue to grow and have better quality videos. And then of course, lighting is a must if you're serious about YouTube, especially living in england as the weather and natural lighting is so unpredictable! And since it isnt the newest camera on the scene it's gone down alot in price recently! The only thing holding me back from buying myself the lovely Panasonic Lumix G3 is a slight lack of funds as it's not the most important thing on my list of essentials. Though if I had the spare funds, this is what I would shell out on! 

Own an annual pass for alton towers:

I adore theme parks, and my local (ish) one is Alton Towers, I try to go at least twice a year and would absolutely love to have an annual pass so I can go as often as I want! When I was younger I absolutely hated roller-costers and theme parks in general but as I got older and went to Alton towers for the first time, it was love. Ha ha. But seriously, I love roller-coasters so much! It's like flying. I might even branch out and get a Merlin pass so I can go to all the attractions in the UK! The problem is, I don't drive (yet) and so have to reply on good old (not old!) mum to get me there, and she's not a fan of theme parks! An annual pass will be mine one day!


Shark dive (in a cage): 

After mans best friend, the dog, the shark is my favourite animal. I just think they're really awesome. I love going to aquariums and standing in that tunnel with the sharks swimming round you. I think I'd like to swim with sharks, but probably in the cage rather then.. right next to them. They don't scare me, but there's always that bit of doubt I might come out missing an arm! In fact my local aquarium in Chester, the Blue Planet does diving with sharks in the big tank, and I reckon I might be more afraid of the tiny fish touching me then bumping into a shark! It is expensive to swim with sharks! All the insurance, and learning to dive first but I like to think I'd be able to hack it! I think it would be an awesome story to tell the grand kids! 

Take a trip to Venice: 

Venice is the one place I can remember wanting to visit ever since I was young! I love Venetian masks and even did my Art GCSE around them! I love the idea of all these houses surrounded by water and just want to travel there so bad! I think it is such a romantic place and would be one of those perfect places to be proposed to! (fat chance) Holidays are rather expensive, and being only 20.. I think it may be a few more years till i'm flying off to get engaged (ha)! This is the one staple on my bucket list I am adamant on fulfilling! 


Own A Puggle:

A dog is something I want, right now. I love dogs, they're like best friends that let you cuddle them 24/7. And they don't talk! It's well known that I want a Puggle (a mix between a pug and a beagle) named Puka (the dog from Anastasia - my favourite Disney film) and I cannot wait to own my own little puppy! I want to have my own house before I get a dog though, so few more years to wait yet!  

Own a shop:

I have had my online boutique Basement Boutique since 2010 and would love one day to have an actual shop on the high street, not a chain, just my own little independent store selling my jewelry, shabby chic home ware and other things. I think this is what I would really like to do when I'm older. I just need a bit more business experience and the money to rent a space! One day!!

Have a shabby chic wedding:

This part of my bucket list is depending on weather I ever get married.. but If I do this is totally the type of wedding I want! I love planning things, and who doesn't want to plan their own wedding! Just hope Future Mr Ozgowicz (ha) doesn't mind! I love the vibes from the shabby chic / vintage wedding photos you see on pinterest. Perfect for me! 

Your Turn:

I'm tagging three people to share their bucket lists! Shona from FreshBeautyxox, Emma from Purpleeerose and Nicole from Thelifeofabeautyaddict. If you want to take part and share your bucket list for the chance to win £1000 towards your bucket list with MoneySupermarket.com then just click here to see the details!! Good Luck!
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MEET THE AUTHOR: Serena Ozgowicz is a 24 year old Puggle owner with a passion for beauty, crafts and coding! You can follow her on facebook, twitter and instagram. Thank you for reading this post!


  1. I've always wanted to do a bucket list but never had a clue where to start so you've gave me some great little ideas here :)

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award as I always enjoy reading your posts, hope you complete it!

    Hannah xx Squidoodles & oodles

  2. Great post - I went to venezia a couple of years ago and it was amazing! x


  3. I'd love a new camera and some classes to learn how to use it! There is something about knowing how to adequately photograph your life that makes me feel a need to do it.

    Italy is totally on my travel list. I'd want to do it right and stay for at least 2 weeks and see as much as I can. Enjoy all the foods and the people.

    Great list! Good luck!

  4. Awww i really like your bucket list! I love your blog even more! Now follow hun x