holographic clutch

I wanted to get this post up super quick so you can all take advantage of this awesome sale! However the product is now out of stock (wail) I was watching YouTube at about 1am Sunday 21st July (like you do) and in my subscription box was a new video from vintageortacky with a video about two bags she bought in the ALDO sale (US site) and I wasn't even 2 minutes into the video when I paused it, went onto the UK site, found the bag and bought it for myself. I have never done that before, I usually like to think about a product or item for a while before I commit to buying it, but the instant I saw this I knew I needed it!

How absolutely stunning is this bag, and for the price it is so well made, the quality is amazing, it feels so sturdy and not plasticy at all, almost like a glossed leather with this gorgeous effect when you turn the bag in the light. Rainbows everywhere! 
I love that even the inside has a slight holographic effect!
The hardware on the bag is a lovely rose gold and it comes with a detachable rose gold chain inside to use as a shoulder bag which is perfect for me! The front of the bag has rose gold hardware on the flap with a rose gold magnetic fastening to keep the bag closed. 
I am just so in love with this bag, now it's time for the price! This bag was originally £30 and I bought it for a whopping £7.49! OMG! I'm devastated that the product has sold out, probably due to vintage or tacky, It was sold out two days after the video. 
Do you like holographic bags? What do you think about the deal?

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