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Eye shadow primer is one of those products I never know weather I should bother using, as my eye shadow seems to crease at least a little weather I use one or not, but now that I have three different primers in my possession I thought I'd give a little mini review of each, and talk about which I prefer. 
 (L-R) Elf Eyelid Primer £1.50 | Barbara Daly Even Smoother Eye Primer £10* | Urban Decay Primer Potion £15 |
The Elf Eyelid Primer comes in four shades: Sheer, Champagne, Pearl and Golden. I always buy sheer so that my eye shadows show true to colour. The elf is a nice texture, not too watery and not too thick though it becomes thicker the longer you have it and I think it works better then. It rubs into the eyelid clear but you can feel a slight layer of something on the lid. It hold eye shadow well and I only have minimum creasing towards the end of the day.

The Barbara Daly Eye Primer comes in three shades: Bamboo, a natural wheat tone that's a perfect base for every day, Nectar which adds a hint of warmth to brighten any eye colour and helps deflect dark circles and Vanilla which lightens and brightens for an uplifting eye effect. All three are water resistant! I have the shade vanilla and as you can see from the photo it is the thickest of the three primers, and has a more opaque finish that makes the whole eyelid one colour ready for eye shadow. I am wearing this today and have noticed no creasing yet. I like that it makes the eyelid all one shade as it gets rid of any freckles or dark marks.

The Urban Decay Primer Potion is one of the most famous and most used eyelid primers, but I actually don't like it that much. It's very watery and although it blends in completely transparent and you cant feel anything on the lid, and also creates the best pigment payoff with eye shadow, It's just too watery for my lids and my eyes crease it much faster.
I used the darkest matte brown from the Sleek Storm palette to show the effect of each primer. Urban Decay definitely gives the best colour pay off but I think my favourite is the Barbara Daly because of how thick the product is and the coverage it gives across my eye.
What eye primer do you use? Which of these do you think performs the best?

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