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"Let's face it, online retail is boring, mundane and lacks the high street experience we all love. We got so fed up, we revolutionized it! Offering everyone their own bespoke online personal experience is the next step in fashion retail. Login with Facebook, tell us the styles you love, add your favourite brands like ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, TopMan from our selection of over 200 and let us build you're own personal Mallzee shopping experience. We'll build your style graph and show you the items you'll love from only the brands you want to see." 

Mallzee is like your own online mall where you can add your fashion picks from all your favourite stores and shop from all over the web in one place. Similar to style compare, only you can create your own space and intereact with your friends, while earning points to spend! VIP memberships means you get first access to new features, access to exclusive features and special promotions and discounts, plus- you get to say you’re VIP and that surely gives you cool points, right?  CLICK HERE to sign up as a VIP! 

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MEET THE AUTHOR: Serena Ozgowicz is a 24 year old Puggle owner with a passion for beauty, crafts and coding! You can follow her on facebook, twitter and instagram. Thank you for reading this post!

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