BBQ party for under £50

Sunday 28th July, 4pm, Bring Chairs. This is how it began. 
As most of you may know, my sister, Daniella, is doing a placement year in Spain and came home for four days, so we decided to have a big BBQ party and invite some of our family and friends. Typically, we have been having gorgeous weather, but the day of the BBQ, the heavens completely let loose and it rained like it has not rained in a long time. We managed to set up the Gazebos, BBQ and chairs, and I hung up the decorations I had spent a week making. But just before our family and friends arrived, it all flooded. We had to move the table inside and wait for the rain to stop. Thankfully we were given a break and the rain stopped and the sun came out long enough for us to eat outside and have a great time. I made cupcakes and a trifle, and Ian was in charge of the BBQ where we had burgers, apple and pork sausages and sweet chilli chicken kebabs. The best part, it cost us under £50. Here's how:
We had to physically tie the gazebo onto the fence to keep it still as it was so windy and rainy! All our family brought chairs and we huddled together. I didn't take photos of my family or friends, as I was too busy having fun, and didn't feel they'd enjoy having a camera shoved in their faces aha. There was 12 of us in total.
 Checking out the impending weather!
 I went for a vintage vibe, the blue jar was £2.99 from B&M, the white jar was £3 from my local saver store and the napkins were £1.50 from Tesco. I also got a matching table cloth to the napkins for £4 from Tesco. I found those stripey paper straws in Home Bargains for 99p per pack of 25! So I got two packs. My dad rigged some solar fairy lights to work via batteries and I put them in the blue jar for a bit of atmosphere. I think it looked really cute.
 I made 6 of these honeycomb balls and each one took me about 50 minutes, unfortunately once the rain storm set in, they all got soaked and pretty much died. I found this tutorial on YouTube. They were really cheap to make because all you need is a newspaper or magazine, a stapler,  a glue gun and some string!
 We set up a separate gazebo for the BBQ area and the table where we set out the buffet, notice the paper chain, I bought this set of 50 chains from pound-land.
 I found these adorable vintage inspired paper plates in home bargains for 69p per 10! Such a great find!
 Again, I decided to make some DIY plates, just to jazz up the table and add a bit of personality. We got a pack of 8 clear plastic plates from Sainsburys for £2 and some star stickers for 99p. I already had white spray paint, so I applied the stickers to the bottom of the plate, sprayed it white, removed the stickers and viola, a cute pattern. I found the DIY video on YouTube that inspired me, watch here.
 I made lots of decorations for the gazebo, here's a video that I found on YouTube that inspired me. I bought a pack of 100 polka dot cases from Pound-Land (you need 10 cases per pom pom) and then used some pink metallic cases that I already had to make a string of 5. We also had two sets of solar paneled lights that we wrapped around the garden, and one around the gazebo.
This bunting is from dotcomgiftshop and thankfully is machine washable because it got soaked right through!
I made white choc chip cupcakes with lemon icing and milk chop chic cupcakes with icing and Belgian chocolate drops :) We had all the usual picnic foods like sausage rolls, potato salad etc, and cool box full of beer, non alcoholic beer, and lemon fanta! (which is delicious!)
Here is a photo I managed to get of the food before the rain set in and we had to take the table inside!
I was up till midnight the night before finishing the cupcakes and making a trifle. The trifle was very yummy and I have been requested to make another!
We had to carry the table into the kitchen due to the weather, but it worked out for the best as it made for more room to sit outside when the sun came out!
Here's a sneaky rainbow that appeared through the rain clouds.
We brought the lights and decorations inside so we could all keep the party alive while we chatted. We've never really hosted a party before but it was so much fun, overall on all the decorations I spend £30.32 ( I have a video of the haul coming up tomorrow!) So had money left over to buy all the food! It's amazing what you can do with £50, I shopped at the less expensive stores and still managed to pull of a theme, and a fun day. Everyone enjoyed the company and the food and I would love to do it all over again! I had lots of lists going, and managed to get everything I wanted out of the day. All that running around, gluing and baking was well worth it. A great little weekend BBQ despite the terrible weather! 
Have you had a BBQ during our lovely weather? Have you ever pulled off the perfect party for under £50?

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