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I frequently get messages from people asking about my glasses and so I thought I would make a little post all about my glasses story! I first realised I couldn't see when my best friend got glasses and we discussed how far she could see without them, I realised I couldn't see that far either and bugged my mum for ages that I too should get glasses to match my best friend! This was at the end of my first year in high school (2005) After having my eyes checked they weren't that bad, but I would need glasses. So I chose a pair of wire frame brown glasses which looking back now, were rather hideous. The next time I had an eye test I chose the same style but in a baby pink colour, equally as horrid. In year eight / nine I had a pair of Moschino plastic purple frames with pink hearts on and then in year 10/11 a pair of Pepe Jean plastic brown frames with butterflies on. More recently and during my time on YouTube I've had three pairs, a blue pair and a pink pair, and my current glasses, a black pair and the same pink ones (but new.)
Here's some photos through the ages:
(ages 16-20)
So my current glasses are from glassesdirect (no plug here, I have no affiliation with them) and I have ordered twice from them now with no problems and super quick delivery considering they have to make up the lenses! I've looked for my pink ones but they seem to be out of stock, but they are called 'BiBi' and these are my black ones. I really like glasses direct because they have a home trial system where you choose four pairs of glasses and they will send them to you for free to try on and see if they suit you. I often get the 'your heads to square for rectangle glasses' comment, but in all honesty, I'm the one who has to wear them, and If I like them, then who cares. They also do amazing deals like two pairs for one with free lenses which is what mine was. This makes it really cheap and gives you the option to choose a different pair of glasses each day. I stopped wearing my blue ones and only wore the pink which I love and currently I wear my black pair more. 

The topic of laser eye surgery arises now and then especially with my best friend Josh and his mum  who have had the surgery themselves. While I do love not wearing my glasses occasionally  - especially when going 'out' because I like to wear nice make up and glasses detract from that, or I can't wear fake eyelashes - I can just wear my contacts and I think I would miss wearing glasses too much to ever get laser done. As well as the fact that staring directly at a laser while it goes directly into my eye freaks me the hell out. Eye surgery's are the only thing on hospital programs that make me cringe.

I asked josh for his opinions on it and he said 'No problems, it gave me absolute perfect vision as well as smoothing the surface of my eye of any bumps, It was absolutely painless and the results were instant,' He had his laser eye surgery with Optical Express at the branch in the Trafford Centre. As you can tell Josh had a great experience with his and can now see like a hawk! Ha. I asked him, and he didn't hold a teddy bear like in final destination :( I would want a teddy bear!! 

What are your opinions? Glasses, Contacts or Laser?! 

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  1. I understand you. I wear glasses all the time since I was 11 (I'm 20 now), and I want to have laser surgery but 1. freaks me out and 2. I'll miss wearing glasses.
    I also tried contacts one summer but everytime I looked in the mirror without glasses I thought I looked weird, I guess it's because I was used to see my face with glasses on so I gave up and got my glasses back.
    So in my opinion glasses all the way haha

    Maria x