caudalie travel set review

Caudalie has quickly become a big staple in my skincare routine as I already use the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum and the SPF15 Day Perfecting Cream. I received the travel kit worth £20 (which is a really decent price considering the Beauty Elixir is £32 foe 100ml) I tried out all these little guys while on holiday and thought I'd share my thoughts. 
This lip balm was my new favourite until I arrived in Spain where it promptly melted in the tube and snapped off. Thankfully I managed to salvage it and it has finally set back into a wonky shape. However as an actual product its really smoothing and soothing on the lips and is a great base for any further lip colours. 
As you know I have been converted onto the hand cream bandwagon and my current favourite is the Heathcote & Ivory Citrus Grove, this one while being very nice just isn't as good as my favourite and is pretty standard. It doesn't smell as nice as some but it does the job and would be great to just throw in your bag. 
I have to admit I haven't used this that much, maybe a couple times on the ends of my hair and didn't really notice a big difference. It's very 'oily' and I wouldn't want to put it on my face that's for sure. It smells lovely though and I think it did help my hair to be a bit softer but I'm still in love with my Macadamia Healing oil. 
This has got to be my favourite of the lot. I have used this everyday and it is still at the top. I'd say it's worth buying this kit just for this and the other products are an added extra. I spray this onto my face and let it dry before applying my moisturiser and it just makes me face drink it up. My skin has been really good recently *touchwood* and I don't have a bad thing to say about this product. 
This make up remover is lovely, its a cleansing water and just dissolves foundation and other pesky make up off the skin. I'm currently using the Amie daily face wash which has stolen my heart but this is the perfect travel size make up remover and I really like it. 

Overall I really like this travel set and would really recommend it to anyone about to go off on an adventure. Do you have any Caudalie products? What's your favourite product? 

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  1. Oh wow what a good deal! I haven't tried many caudalie products, but this is such a good way to be able to try a few of their products in a miniature size before buying the full size. <3 xxx

    Gemma ♥ | MissMakeupMagpie.co.uk

  2. Hey Serena, I was just wondering what happened to the made.com competition. Yesterday it was above this post on your blog, but now I can't see it. Did it get removed or something?