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I may of mentioned about 30 million times that I'm in the middle of refurnishing my bedroom, and at the moment it's come to a stand still due to lack of money. All I need now is a wardrobe as my clothes are currently on a rail and a tall boy for my make up collection. I've been itching to do my much requested bedroom tour, but I just can't do it until my room is finished and perfect! So to scratch that itch (ew?!) then to do a what in my bedroom. I was going to film the 50 things in my bedroom tag but got totally bored by 12, so thought I would make a nice blogpost instead, showing a few of my favourite things in my room. I've just done a full blogpost about my dressing table and what makeup I keep in there so check out the post before this to see that :) Prepare for a photo filled post. 
Next to my dressing table is my wicker basket (that was sold as a laundry basket in Sainsbury's) it fits perfectly with the style of my room, I use this to store all my hair curlers (like all 9..) my hair dryer and light up no7 mirror! I always look for things that can be used in a different way to make my room more interesting.
This is my little 'media area' or in other words, my Ikea Malm Drawers with my TV on. I also have my other set of drawers (sold in WHSmiths as stationary storage) which holds the rest of my make up. Top three draws are primer | Blush | Eye Liners. Middle two is Foundation | Single Eye Shadows and then the bottom one is a lot of lip products! To see the rest of my make up check out my dressing table post. I also have my £1 ceramic candle (Morrison's) plate that holds all my hair bows on there.

This is one of my DIY projects, my side table was originally my mums phone desk at work (for the past 8 years) and was a dirty brown, so I used Sugar Salt to remove the varnish, sanded it down and painted it white. Its perfect because I use the gap to hold my laptop at night and the little cupboard to hold my headphones and laptop stand. When looking for a specific piece of furniture for your room, it's  good idea to look for things that you can turn into what you want, it's really fun creating your own unique furniture.
My bed side lamps are birdcages which I love because they're just so me! I got them from a B&Q outlet centre but I'm pretty sure they still sell these in the normal store too! (shameless plug, this is one of my new sugar skull necklaces off basement boutique)
On top of my side table I keep my diary (that I have managed to write in every day so far this year!) A couple hand creams and some cute coasters that I got from the Christmas market at Christmas. I love injecting bits of colour around my room, and yes I know that my wallpaper is quite in your face anyway, but I just love floral!
One of my favourite bits of my room is my bookcase. I got this from Homebase and it was £25! I decorated it with my Bunting from The Range and a few frames. My books are a bit OCD, I put them in alphabetical order and I love that it looks like a rainbow.
I'm planning a frame wall, which I will show on my blog in the future and so love buying fancy and cute frames! This one has a beautiful photo of my cousin and his wife's baby, Ellie. And then in front of that I have my two Vera Wang perfumes and a lovely glittery deer from Paperchase.
 A great way to decorate your room is by displaying things you own instead of storing everything away. This is my Polaroid camera, that I got from my grandmas house when we had to tidy it out. I put it on top of my bookcase so I can see it (it doesn't work, I don't think.) Notice my Miranda book there!
And finally my most favourite thing in my bedroom, my bed! I wanted this bed for about 4 years, and when we finally moved back into this house, my mum bought it me as an investment piece because this is no doubt going to follow me to whatever house I move into later in life. It honestly makes me happy just looking at it. And gorilla loves it too! My wallpaper is from The Range and was £7.99 a roll! I get a lot of questions about that. That's pretty much it for now, I would love to see what your bedrooms are like (too creepy?!) At the end of the day your bedroom is your own personal space so if you want to paint all the walls black and stick glow in the dark stars everywhere (I totally would) then you should go for it. My rooms a but of a mix match of patterns and colours but I love it. Check out this post from eMoov about making the best out of the space in your rooms.

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  1. You have some really lovely things in your bedroom, I like how you store your curlers!x x x