Every time I go to stay at my dads and we nip into town, I make sure to take a visit to their pound shop. As weird as that sounds, his branch always has better things! Like beauty wise, that would otherwise cost me a lot. And this time I wasn't disappointed, I managed to pick up two of the Revlon nail varnishes (though there were other shades.) These retail in boots for £6.95, and yep you guessed it, I got it for a pound. It's a bit of a running joke that my dad will always ask me how much something is in the pound shop...
I picked up the colours Minted - a lovely ice cream shade, perfect for summer- and Stunning - rightly named with lovely bits of glitter! As far as the formula goes, they are the perfect consistency for me, I prefer a more wet/ runny consistency to my polishes as it means I use less, and can control it better without lumps. A few bubbles did form as it dried which doesn't happen often with most of my other polishes but it dried so quick I let that go. I applied stunning to the ring finger as a little 'accent' nail just to try it out. As with most glitters it takes a little while to get all the glitter that you want onto your nail, but I just love me some glitter! I think if you were a bit more tan then I am (although for once I am actually wearing fake tan in these photo) then the mint would suit you perfectly! I give these Revlon nail varnishes a big thumbs up!
Do you own any Revlon nail varnishes? Will you be checking out your local pound shop?

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MEET THE AUTHOR: Serena Ozgowicz is a 24 year old Puggle owner with a passion for beauty, crafts and coding! You can follow her on facebook, twitter and instagram. Thank you for reading this post!


  1. These are gorgeous! I'll definitely be checking the poundshop near me for these! x

  2. This is really pretty, I love mint colours x