dressing table tour

I thought I would do a Dressing Table Tour like a what's in my bag but bedroom edition. (erm) I was very lucky in that I had a £50 gift card to Dunelm Mill and the dressing table I wanted was on sale, so all I had to pay for my gorgeous piece was £15. An absolute bargain for one of my favourite things in my room. I have a bay window in my room so to utilise the space I put my dressing table at an angle in the window so that it opens up the rest of my bedroom for other furniture. It's great because I get the natural light on me while doing my make up in the morning and can do a bit of creepy people watching. I put my favourite Ikea cushion on the stool to make it more comfy. Its actually very roomy for a small piece of furniture and here's what I have on and in it:

I bought this little handle holder from a national trust gift shop near Stonehenge! As soon as I saw it I knew what I wanted to use it for, one side holds my make up brushes and the other my most used lip products (mostly hot pink) Next to that is another candle holder that I got from Ikea that holds my earrings and rings.
On the other side  I have my day and night moisturiser, and my 'decorative corner' which is just an old coke bottle with two Ikea daisies in. Then I have a little Fearne Cotton candle and two Cath Kidston body products.
Top left draw hold most of my eye palettes, notice my collection on Sleek and Urban Decay (I will be doing a full make up collection on my You Tube channel in the future, but this is a good insight)
Top right draw is my skincare draw, moisturisers, pigmentation lighteners, and acne care.
This is my main draw that holds my 'daily' make up. On the left is my base products, BB Creams, Foundation, Blusher and Setting Powder. On the right is my concealer, mascara and eye liners and then above that a miscellaneous section, a bronzer and some other lipsticks that I use.
I used a box from a Cath Kidston Christmas gift to make drawer separators. This is a nifty way to organise your bits n bobs without spending more money on storage. I love doing little DIY's and moving my furniture around to make the most of my room. Find out how you can utilise the space in your room with eMoov here

Do you have a dressing table? What do you keep in it?

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