benefit they're real mascara review

I'm probably the last and latest one on the bandwagon here! They're Real Mascara has been around for god knows how long and every girl and there mother raves about it here in Internet space land! But me, being a cheapy cheap.. cheap, only pays at most £4 for a mascara, and so buying an £19.50 mascara was out of the question! Then I saw Elle magazine had They're Real on the cover and was like I MUST BUY THIS RIGHT NOW! Until I noticed the magazine was £4 and actually went, Na its just a mascara, I wont bother. I kept seeing the magazine everywhere I went calling to me and so I bought it claiming I got it as reading material for my flight to Spain even though I never read Elle.. Anyway, long story short, OMG I LOVE IT GET ME MORE!

Bit up close and personal there, but I actually love this mascara, after the first application I was like, where have you been all my life. The mini sample is so tiny and I'll never pay £19.50 for a mascara.... so maybe I should buy another magazine. haha. It makes me lashes look incredibly long, I think benefit may actually put magic in this tube. No lie! It doesn't so much for me in the way of volume but I curl my lashes anyway so that they don't hit my glasses as my lashes are quite long to start with! It is quite a wet formula from what I can tell and For £4, I am a happy bunny.

Do you own They're Real Mascara? Do you like it? Will you be buying Elle this month?!

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  1. I actually did the exact same thing as you, picked up the magazine when I saw the freebie, then thought "oh, it's £4" and put it back! Now you're making me think that was a bad decision and I may have to purchase on my lunchbreak tomorrow!

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xx

  2. Haha, I definitely don't regret it!! x

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