battle of the suncream

We've just had our battle of the tans and now it's time for battle of the sun creams! We all know just how important sun cream is to protect our skin from those harmful rays of sun that we love so much and growing up as a pale child (into a pale adult) it was one of those things I never question, much like wearing a seat belt when in the car, I put sun cream on before going out into the sun. I have a few different sun creams to share with you that I will be using while in Spain (and will do a full which I prefer video when I get back) and thought I would give you my first impressions of these guys:
Rituals Sun Protection Express Mist SPF15*  I've only used a spray type sun cream a few times before as I just find it more reliable rubbing it in and knowing where it has reached, but this mist is really fine and settles everywhere. It claims to be anti ageing  which sounds odd for a sun cream, but if your into that then it's only a bonus. It's also water resistant though does say you must reapply after swimming, towelling or sweating. This one retails for £16, which is pricey for sun cream (in my opinion) but I will let you know if its worth it after my trials. I did spray it on my arms a few times to see what it smelt like and its actually rather nice, not too over powering, but nothing memorable either which I actually look for in a sun cream. Rituals also make a face protection in SPF50 which looks good. 
Ultrasun Medium 20SPF Sensetive Glimmer Formula* "Its tiny, golden “glimmers” raise protection by deflecting the sun’s rays and add an attractive golden glow to the surface of your skin. It is free from oils, emulsifiers and perfume reducing the risk of allergy and making it especially suitable for sensitive skins. Like other ultrasun products, it is non-greasy, water-resistant and easy to use" 100 ml, £18.00 / 150 ml, £23.00. This is a brand that I've heard of before but not used myself. I know it's a really reliable sun protection product and a lot of people who do sports use it. This is a special Glimmer Formula that as described above deflects the sun from your skin whilst adding a golden glimmer. I'm really excited to try this out and see what the effects are like. I also like that it's non greasy as that's one thing I hate about sun lotions and why I prefer the rub in kind (we usually use Piz Buin) 
Ultrasun Medium SPF15 Lip Care* "Ultrasun Ultralip 15 is a high quality lip protector, with blackcurrant seed oil to moisturise and enrich. It is effective in all temperatures and at altitude and prevents and reduces inflammation and chapping. It is fragrance free and makes an ideal lipstick base." £6.00. This is ideal for me, I have the driest lips known to man, and when it's very sunny they get even worse. I recently bought a chap stick that was SPF15 and watermelon flavoured and I love it but its very draggy across the lips where as this feels like Vaseline and slides on so I can imagine it will work really well under lipstick.
Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF30. I went into boots to buy our usual Piz Buin sun cream for the holiday and saw that the Hawaiian Tropic sun cream was half price and when I smelt it, I had to buy it. It smells so good I want to wear it right now. It has ribbons of hydration which sounds lovely and soothing and says it lasts for 12 hours. I really recommend this one!
Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter In Lime Coolada. This was a total bargain, it's currently half price in boots for £5.24 (so originally £10.48) and I bought it in Home Bargains for £3.99. They also had more of the Hawaiian Tropic Sun Creams but the SPF was too low for what I needed, so go and check out Home Bargains and B&M for deals! I decided to get this over the Hawaiian Tropic Gel After Sun because I thought it was more rich and cooling and easy to apply. There's 200ml so a really decent amount and it smells really really good! I always need after sun as I go really red even when using sun cream.

What's your favourite sun cream? Do you associate the smell of sun cream to good times like I do?

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  1. I'm going on holiday to Californina this year and being pasty and um interesting, I'm on the hunt for some decent sun creams too. I love hawaiian Tropic and creams that smell like coconut. Haiwaiian is what my grandparents used to use, so it always reminds me of summers with them by the coast. In the past, I've mostly used Nivea suncream (the kids spray on factor 30 is turquoise:-)) and for aftersun I use Clarins. Its a bit pricy but really easily absorbed. That's my two cents anyway. Thanks for a great post :-)