tresemme platinum strength 60 second treatment shot review

You like my little animation there? Fancy!
So I've not read too much about this Tresemme 60 second treatment shot but I heard it mentioned on a few YouTube videos and when I saw it in Sainsbury's at £1.50, I thought yea, I'll give it a go. I'm a little bit obsessed with hair products and treatments at the moment which is a change for me since I'm usually a shampoo, conditioner, dry it kind of girl. Now I have sprays, treatments, masks, creams and oils galore. I have naturally very straight hair, and so I like to curl it a lot, hence dead, damaged and split ends. I liked the idea of a hair strengthener and it was very inexpensive which of course attracted me to it.
I used it this morning and following the instructions applied it from mid length to the ends avoiding the roots. Obviously you are meant to leave it on for 60 seconds! But I have a problem with following instructions on hair products and if something says one minute, I leave it for three. It's the same with hair dye, if it says 30 minutes, I'm in there at 35 just to be sure it worked! Anyway I smoothed it on and actually have a bit left so can probably use it again another day, if you have short hair you might get a few uses out of it! After a few minutes I ran my fingers through to see a difference and my hair was so silky and I had no knots! My hair is a knot monster when washing it so I was really surprised and happy with the results after just three minutes. I then applied my multitude of other hair products (Percy and Reed No oil hair oil, Percy and Reed volumizing mouse and my Love, Peace and the Planet hair smoother - though all this went in the roots so didn't really affect the results of the shot treatment) I've been using a paddle brush to dry my hair recently where before I just used my fingers and was really happy with the knot free and smooth results I was left with.
The ends of my hair felt very nourished less dry then usual and hopefully will still be workable tomorrow after I've slept on it. I sleep on my face a lot of the time (yea, I know) so my hair tends to get wrapped around my face and stuff. I don't like tying it up because I get kinks in it the next day.
Anyway, basically I really liked it, would probably repurchase it but it's probably no better then a great conditioner! So if you want a fancy £1.50 treatment, then go for it :)
What do you think? Will you be trying it? test

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  1. This sounds lovely, I'm definitely in need of some treatment to my hair at the moment!

    caperepulchra.blogspot.com xo

  2. I proper love your animation! it's brilliant hehe! I have bought a couple of these as I've read some amazing reviews on them, but you're probably right.. it's probably like all the others! xx

    1. Thanks :) I had the idea while using it and was like, I need an animation (sad haha) S x

  3. for £1.50 I;d give it a go! I've got long hair too so my ends often need sorting out!

    Lauren x

  4. it contains hydrolyzed keratin abd dimethicone so its a great treatment for hair thats lacking