spain shopping list

OH HEY! Low and behold, a Spain shopping list! These are things I want to buy (and I'm going shopping in Manchester tomorrow) before I go to Spain on the 21st May (I think)

 |1 Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration |2 Hawaiian Tropic AfterSun |3 Sugar Skull Bikini|
|4 UltraSun Glimmer Formula |5 Patterned Dungarees |6 Glitter Jelly Wedges|
|7 Hand Maid Hand Gel |8 Vital Bright's |9 Mango Body Mist |10 Tropical Dry Shampoo|
1&2 - Obviously I'm going to need Suncream and Aftersun because I burn like a crisp! And usually we buy Piz Buin (because the smell is divine!) But I went into boots the other day and smelt that, and oh my god. I need to be wearing that everyday! Please tell me they make a body butter or lotion, or something because I would bathe in that smell!
3- You saw this is my Primark Swimwear post, and I went into my local Primark to get it, but they didn't have any so I'm going to look in the Manchester branch tomorrow! Fingers Crossed!
4- This is a really cool Suncream! "The groundbreaking formula also contains Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) an enzyme to help reduce free radical activity and tiny golden 'glimmers' (MICA) which raise protection by deflecting the sun's rays also adding an attractive golden glow to the surface of the skin." It's a little pricey at £18 for 100ml but if it makes me glow and be safe from the sun, then I'm all for it.

5- These are from Primark and I need to wear them on holiday! White crop top underneath! The pattern is so cute!!

6- These too are from Primark and you know I love anything glittery, and jelly shoes are so my childhood! Need to rock these!

7- You can never go wrong with a hand sanitiser and I've never tried this one, so thought I'd give it a go! Perfect for throwing in my hand luggage.

8- I wouldn't be summer ready without my hot pink lippy, and yes, I own like 15 hot pinks.. but look at it. It's calling for me!
9- Mango is one of my favourite scents even though I hate the taste, and I don't have any body mist left, so this would be perfect!
10- On holiday, sometimes I just cant be bothered, and so Dry shampoo is a must!
What else do I need?!


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  1. The bikini and dungarees are amazing! I can't believe they're from Primark!


  2. I love your pink ombre hair :)