Sheinside.com haul

It's that time again, a shiny new sheinside.com haul - shiny being an appropriate word. Now before you start to wonder where the outfit posts are for these items, I was having a bad face day. Do you guys ever get bad face days? Where you just don't want to be on camera and your face hates you. Well that was today, so I will have a video haul showing these products properly (and a few home ware items I bought recently too) soon but for now here's five shiny new items to share with you:

1- This sequin jumper is so sparkly! The actual knit of the jumper is pure metallic silver thread and then the front is fully covered in see through iridescent sequins to create a gorgeous, light bouncing effect. It is a tad itchy because of the metallic thread but I wore a vest under it so it wasn't that bad. It's not an everyday jumper (though I probably would wear it daily) so I'm saving it for those occasions that need sparkles!
2- Yes, I know I'm totally behind on this bandwagon but I have literally been looking at the Black Milk Galaxy leggings for months before I heard them mentioned anywhere on YouTube or bloggerland (hipster moment) and have been lusting after some form of outrageous leggings ever since. Now these ones are like a teeny smidge too small for me. I can get them on and they're okay, but the seams are like.. I'm scared to bend over, you know? I mean I have and they're fine, but I just worry that as soon as I left the house all the seams would go BANG and I'd be stood naked in the street. Having said that I'm starting Zumba! So maybe I'll loose like a few cm and not be worried to wear them outside! Thumbs up from me, they're so silky shiny soft and stretchy.
3- I love this top, I showed this on Instagram a while ago and a few of you liked it too, so now I can finally show you it. It's an over sized white top with a pair of lips on the front surrounded with studs (that are cold on the inside when you put it on, nothing like a t-shirt wake up!) and rolled up sleeves. The only thing about this top is that on the photo the studs go all the way around the lips but on mine theres like 5 missing from one side like they were never there! It's very comfy.
4- Really Serena? Gold? Thought you despised gold with every fibre of your being!!! Well... I really like this necklace! I don't know why, but I just really like the chunky chain (never thought I'd say that either) and the crosses look really nice under a collared shirt! I don't think I've been converted to gold jewellery, but just once off pieces here and there.
5- How gorgeous is this shirt! Not gonna lie, I haven't actually tried this on yet, so I don't know if the arms are long enough or if it even fits, but I sure hope it does because it' so me. Polka dots, Floral, Stripes. All in one. Nice silver spikey necklace, black jeans and boots.
Take a look at sheinside.com to see what takes your fancy!
Do you like the items I picked out? How would you wear them?

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  1. I've never bought anything from She Inside but I am loving the shirt and that gold necklace! Great haul :)

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xxx

  2. I just post a Sheinside haul!=) love your blog by the way=)