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I was extremely tempted to make a pun in the post title.. but I spared you! Anyway, as a blogger I get lovely emails from brands and sometimes the chance to try something out, and last week I got an email from Atelier-To-Go just asking me to check out their site and whatnot. Now, I have to say their site is a little more 'expensive' then anything I would usually shop on, but I noticed that they sell Rebecca Minkoff bags, and thanks to the realms of YouTube land, that's a brand I actually know. I've seen quite a few gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff bags thanks to the lovely Ingrid over on Missglamorazzi (no explanation needed there surely) and maybe have a little fascination with them. There is like a 97% chance I will never own one, because I'm one of those "£200 for a handbag.. a small handbag?!" girls. Anyway, I found two particularly beautiful bags on Atelier - To - Go and just wanted to create a little moody board of goodness so that I can share them with you.  My two favourite colours to wear at the moment are Black and Mint. So here are my two black and mint themed outfits!
| Crop Top - Newlook £9.99 | Disco Pants - American Apparel | The Bag | Boots - Newlook £27.99 | Earrings - Newlook £4.99 |
| Jeans - New Look £19.99 | Crop Top - New Look £5.99 | The Bag | Earrings - New Look £3.50 | Boots - New Look £59.99 |
The bags are really cute! My favourite is the mint one because it also comes in Lilac, and in my dream wardrobe I would have one of every colour. I'm also loving the stud accents on both bags, you know I love my studs! Also both the pairs of boots, oh my I think black boots are my weakness. I need them all. Dream house, dream wardrobe, one room full of black boots, yea please!

What do you think my pairings? What do you think of Rebecca Minkoff bags?

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This post is not sponsored, I just wanted to share two lovely bags with you, and get my photoshop fix for the day!
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  1. The mint bag is lovely! I love the clasp on it, I've never seen anything like it? and the boots in the second outfit are so nice! I'm loving the cut out, 'Coltrane', dupe boots that are around at the moment


    1. They're really beautiful bags! Wish they were a little (or a lot) cheaper though! And yes! ALL THE BOOTS!!! :D x

  2. That BAG! Oh my gosh, the colour is amazing. i love love love it... xxx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. :D YES! It reminds me of the gorgeous one Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter got from Asos with the adorable hare on! x