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You all know I'm a complete sucker for cute packaging, and Percy & Reed are no exception! I love the fact they are so 'homemade' looking with the gorgeous illustrations and hand drawn writing. And then the fact that they are top notch products just about makes them my new favourite hair products. I've talked about my Percy and Reed products in a few favourites videos before and only ever got them from magazines before. I had a beautiful conditioner that made my hair smell amazing, and then the mini No Oil Oil!
Percy and Reed Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumizing No Oil, Oil* I've been using the mini version every time I wash my hair now, not only does it smell amazing it actually work at making my hair volumized. So I'm so glad I now have the full size aswell because the mini isn't even half way down yet and I've used it a ton! I don't have particularly fine hair, but it works great for me. I apply it to my roots and brush it out and then apply a small amount to the ends of my hair aswell. I actually have noticed a difference in the few split ends I have left after my haircut and maybe it's down to the 'seal' part of this product. "This little lifesaver containing violet extract gives you lovely locks which are smooth, sleek and shiny while also adding volume. It’s a multi-tasker too, nourishing and repairing hair, with pro vitamin B5 helping out with strength and heat protection. What more could you ask for? " The full size is 60ml at £14.
Percy and Reed Superstar Supersized Bodifying Cream* "Beautiful, abundant, bountiful body is the order of the day here, with elderflower extract getting in on the act to help give a gorgeously glossy, shiny finish." This is a strange texture, I know it says cream but it still surprised me when I first used it. It's a wet, creamy sticky product that you only need a little bit of. I applied it to my roots and then brushed it out. Using a paddle brush to help dry my hair has really helped with the body and volume aspects too. As with all the Percy and Reed products, it has a lovely smell that really lasts on the hair and you can smell it throughout the day. The full size is 150ml for £14.
Percy and Reed Abundantly Bouncy Volumizing Mousse* "This little beauty of a bottle will give your hair extreme, lasting volume, without the sticky stiff feel. Even when you build incredible height into your hair, it’ll stay light and natural thanks to its creamy moisturising texture. It’s the only time you’ll want to be XXL. " Okay, so I'm going to have a little moan before I talk about this product. That last sentence of the product description really narks me. "It’s the only time you’ll want to be XXL." Did they really have to put that? I know it's a hair product, but I just think that some people could really take that the wrong way and that's not a route a great brand wants to go down. I understand where they were coming from.. but I'm also a bit annoyed at it. It's 2013, were all for body confidence and stuff like this is just stupid. Anyway, moving away from that, I love it. I haven't used a hair mousse in a long time and made sure to follow the instructions as I remember past mistakes off too much mousse means stiff gritty hair. You only need the tiniest bit as it expands like mad and then I apply it in blobs around my crown and brush it out with a wide tooth comb. I usually then wrap my hair back up in a towel while I do my makeup then blow dry it and Wa-La. Volume ;) Ignoring the description, I really like this product. The full size is 200ml for £12.
I think my favourite of the three is the no oil oil. Just smells and works so well. Do you own any Percy and Reed products?

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  1. it's so strange that they wrote the XXL thing on the description, it doesn't seem like a good idea and you'd think they'd know that..I have a sample of the no oil oil and like it, but can't decided whether to get the full size :L xx

  2. I have the finishing polish and it works great!


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