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Announcement time! I'm going to spain for a week :) Totally out of the blue really! My sister has just got a placement at a hotel in Marbella and she has to go over a week early to sort out some details etc., so I'm flying over with her, having a week in the sun then leaving her there and flying back alone. Now.. normally that would mean SHOPPING. But I actually own a fair amount of summer clothes and not a lot of money so the main things I will probably pick up is some flip flops and maybe a new bikini. That doesn't mean I can't make an imaginary summer wishlist right? And I love me some floral! Thankfully floral seems to be everywhere every summer, so I had no problems choosing some gorgeous pieces:
| 1 Cork Sandles - Newlook £27.99 | 2 Link disappeared between making this wishlist and writing it up... | 3 Bikini Top  Bottoms - Dorothy Perkins  | 4 Skater Skirt - New Look £16.99 | | 5 Floral Socks - River Island £4 | 6 Floral Pumps - Dorothy Perkins £16 | | Love Top - Oasis £30 | 8 Floral Bag - Newlook £41.99  |
So that's my pretty picks from the floral fashion out there (I mean I had to shorten it down to 8 but you get that) What's your favourite piece? What should I buy for my hols?

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  1. Love the rucksack


    1. me too! and it's rocket dog! (bit pricey though) x

  2. JEALOUS with a capital J! Hope you have a lovely time though haha :). I love florals and I honestly don't think I could choose between #1 #3 #4 #7 - they are all so lovely! x


    1. :D Thankyou! I think i'm going to be blending into the flowers this summer! x

  3. Oh God...the floral platform trainers -- LOVE

  4. Those socks are adorable! & the skater skirt is a must have!!
    Have fun in Spain x