diy floral sunglasses

Hey lovely people. It's supposedly spring and I've been wanting to film this video for about 7 months, but I finally bought the materials and did it. I've been really unhappy with the quality of my videos for a long time now, and by that I mean the actual graphic quality, not the content. But I simply cant afford a HD camera right now, so I'm sort of stuck. My video editor has been acting up and no other editors support my cameras footage properly so it's a sort of mess right now, but regardless of that I managed to make this one. But if you can look past all that, heres my video, I hope you enjoy:
Here are the two places I got my flowers from: one, two. All together this DIY cost me about £4! Not bad really!! Will you be having a go? Do you prefer the flowers all the way across or just on the sides?

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MEET THE AUTHOR: Serena Ozgowicz is a 24 year old Puggle owner with a passion for beauty, crafts and coding! You can follow her on facebook, twitter and instagram. Thank you for reading this post!

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