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I've always said that the one thing (shallow as it may be) that I would actually like to go back in time and change would be my prom. I looked horrendous and I literally cannot look at photos from that night. I adored my dress though! But it was -and still is- the most expensive piece of clothing I own! If I had known about places like chichi back then, I would of saved a hell of a lot of money. So let's pretend that I have £££££ to spend on chichi and go shopping ;)
1- Pabla Dress: This is such a me dress, casual day feel with that adorable bow on the back! £49.99
2- Luz Dress: I can totally see me wearing this in a hot country going out for an evening meal. Love the black gem accents! £59.99
3- Andrea Dress: Don't think I can think of an occasion when I could wear this, but I love the peplum and the back, so I'd at least wear it round the house! £42.99
4- Fonda Dress: Sparkly, on sale, need. It's so perdy!! £19.99!!!
5- Fortuna Dress: My perfect dress, covers everything, great length. £49.99
6- Lenora Dress: As much as I adore my prom dress, if I had to choose a different one, I would of totally gone for this one! And its so much cheaper then the one I got! £27.99

Which dress do you like best?Check out the gorgeous dresses over on ChiChi. If you want a chance to win £200 to spend on Chichi then check out this Etail PR blogpost!

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  1. Ooh love your wishlists... good luck in the competition lovely xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. This is a gorgeous wishlist! I absolutely love number 1! x