along came betty cosmetics - first impressions

You may recall back in January I did a little review on some Along Came Betty skin and bath products (you can click here to revisit that) Well they now have a cosmetics range! Woo. As I said in that last review, Along Came Betty is basically Tesco's answer to a cheaper Soap and Glory. Same vintage feel packaging and awesome smelling products, so I was super excited to receive some of the new cosmetics range to try! Here's what I got to try out, queue a shit ton of photos:
The Double Whammy! I've been wearing this today and I have to say I'm actually more impressed with this then I thought I would be, first off, I love the colour of the lipstick, it has a very slight shimmer to it but nothing too intense. The gloss is rather sticky but the amazing fruity smell makes up for it! It has a fairly long lasting power too. The only thing I dislike is how bulky it feels, I tend not to go for lip / lipgloss combos because it makes it quite chunky but these two work so well together that I let it off. This retails for £6.99 (which when you think about it is basically £3 for a lipstick, and £3 for a gloss. You can pick it up here. It comes in three shades, Baby Lips (this one) So Betty and Poochy.
Absolutely Flawless?? Thankfully they sent two shades this time as the BB cream they sent me last time was waaaay too dark so I was dreading getting another useless product (I can give the darker shade to my sister) Okay, so first of I'm less then impressed with the packaging  as I expected something a little more fancy? But unless you're a makeup snob then that isn't really a big deal is it? Not when there are kids starving out there... Anyway! I haven't used this on my face just yet because I can already feel that I'm not going to like it. I rubbed some into the back of my hand and it has that wet, cheap feel to it like some crappy 'foundations' I've tried before. However I will give it the benefit of the doubt and try it out and who knows it could be bloody amazing, but my hopes aren't high! It doesn't smell that nice either but hey ho, it is only £8.99... (that's a lot in my books) It comes in shades Light, Medium, Warm (I have light and warm) Check it out here

 Pr-EYE-mer (haha..) That one's stretching it a bit! I was expecting this to be very similar to the Dainty Doll primer that I picked up in TKMaxx but it's actually a lot creamier then that one and feels almost like a cream to powder foundation would. I haven't used it on my eyes yet so I can't say how it is creasing wise or staying power. But If I end up linking it I'm sure it will get mentioned in a future video. You can pick it up here for £5.99. I think the description on the website is a bit wrong! Don't think I'll be applying eye primer to my T Zone!!  
BR-WOW! Yea, okay. So I've never had a brow palette before so was really looking forward to trying this out. I used it today (the lighter shade) and then having never used a eyebrow wax before, tried to apply some of that.. didn't go well. But I am pleased with the colour of the eyeshadow. It comes with two brown shades, a white shade and a wax. not much else I can say other then it works pretty well. It's £5.99 and you can get it here.
Best till last, the Highlighter Starlight Shine. I love this, plain and simple. The moment I took the lid off I thought 'yep, this is the one for me.' If you saw my last review on the MUA highlighter I was really disappointed with the pay off of the product once on my face, but because this is in a stick, I can apply it straight to my face and then rub it out. It' a really lovely colour and I used it today. It looks so pretty! Out of all the products, this is the one I would recommend! It's £5.99 and you can but it here.
I was told that you can buy the Along Came Betty cosmetics in store but they didn't have them in my Tesco so defiantly check your local branch out, otherwise you can buy online! What do you think of the Along Came Betty range?

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  1. This seems like a great brand! Love the look of the brow kit xx

  2. Great review Serena :). Don't think I'll be trying out the Foundations but the Brow Kit and the Highlight look like they could be worth a try. I love the outer packaging but agree with you on some of the product packaging.