Turning 20

So, as most of you will know by now - because I've mentioned it maybe about 40 times- but it was my birthday on the 2nd of march and I am no longer a teenager! I've been asked that 'and how does it feel now your not a teenager' alot these past few days, and I don't know yet! I didn't wake up any wiser or feeling any older, I just can't say I'm a teen anymore. Anyway, for my birthday I woke up about 8.30 and got into my mums bed with my sister and opened my cards and presents and then we got ready and went to Frankies and Bennies for breakfast (I had a bacon and egg muffin - yum) and then we drove to Manchester and did some shopping. I got a fair few things, and even though I got money for my birthday I still felt awful spending it, I literally hate using money!
I have put £50 aside for my tattoo (which I finally have permission to get, well I was allowed anyway, but receiving money from the parents specifically for a tattoo, is a good sign) and I will show what I got for my birthday and what I bought in a haul very soon, there's just one more thing I want to buy from my local topshop, and I have a cheque to cash. That evening my mum, sister, dad and mums partner went to TGI's for tea. I had never been to TGI's before but decided that we should go somewhere new. To be frank.. I didn't like it and will probably never go there again. It was so loud I had to shout for the waitress to hear me, I was full after just the starter (which is rare for me since I eat like a horse) and actually felt ill by the time my main came which made me feel awful about wasting more then half of it when it wasn't exactly cheap. Anyway we came back home and I blew out my birthday candles, all 20 of them. I wont tell you what I wished for ;)
The next day my friends Josh, Mike, Andrew, Matthew and Phil came round and we ordered some pizza and watched  Easy A and Movie 43 (which is no where near as funny as we thought it was going to be) I had a really lovely time and had a great laugh. Monday was spent snoozing as I didn't go to sleep till 6am. Now it is Tuesday and it feels like the past 3 days were just one long one. I had a brilliant birthday :)

Probably the worst edit ever.. but I need to run off to the post office before it shuts!


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