my new bag & how to find something online

I've never been a handbag girl, I'm more of a  'This coat has pockets, I will use them person' and carrying heavy bags bores me, but that doesn't stop me lusting over pretty bags! So when I was searching eBay for skull bags and came across this certain design, I knew I needed it. Only problem is I wanted it in black, and it seemed the whole world was out of stock. Not going to lie, I literally spent a week searching every place I could think of to try and find it.
Coincidentally that week I had been watching Catfish the TV show online and found an ingenious way to find the bag that I didn't even know you could do. He would take the pictures of the people and put them into google and then google will search the whole wide web for any website that has that image on it! I had no idea you could do this and it's a great way to find products you think are out of stock or discontinued. All you need to do is go to google.com (not co.uk - if your Internet keeps going back to co.uk you will find the .com button at the bottom of the google page) then click on images and in the search bar there is a little picture of a camera, click that, upload your photo and press go. It honestly is a life saver.
It was this way that I came across alwaysbebeautiful who thank god had the bag in stock and in black, win win. Shop the bag here. My mum bought it that night and then when it arrived it got hidden until my birthday, ahh I just love it. I've 'worn' it three times out now and it's really comfy to wear (is that the right terminology for a bag?) anyway it's very big inside but not heavy and has a long strap which is perfect for me as I quite often get a bad back so carrying the bag on my arm isn't always possible. It also has zip pockets on the front and inside and a pocket for your phone which I've turned into my lip balm pocket :) Overall, I love my bag, and would recommend Always Be Beautiful to all of you! Check out all the bags for sale here. I really like the black and white version of this bag too! I will be using this google technique to find many 'out of stock' products in the future as it's been such a big help.
Also just before I wrap up this post, I wanted to let you know that the next three people to email me (loveprettywildthings@hotmail.co.uk) about me designing their blog will get 20% off the final total (most blogs are £20 or under) so if you are interested click here for more details.

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  1. Love the skull embossed print on this bag - lush!

    Be great if you could check out my latests posts on my: Boohoo Global Styler entry & BeeJewels curb chain necklace review

    I am also running my 1st blog giveaway here where you could win MAC, Jewellery plus other goodies.

    Thanks! Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com | UK Fashion Blog

  2. I've been watching catfish too, it's really interesting, especially as i spend so much time online! Love the bag too, might have to get one for myself x

    1. It's made me slightly more paranoid about who I talk to! Ha :p I love that it's nearly always someone of the other sex and nev forgives them straight away! x

  3. Yey you finally found it in black :). I've been watching Catfish too - totally didn't know that little trick either, you can actually just drag and drop the picture into the search bar too. Never actually thought of doing it to find a specific product though, but will definitely be using it in the future :).

    1. Such a neat little trick, thank god for weird Internet Stalkers so I could find it out haha. X