mua undress your skin highlighting powder review

I was unsure weather or not to buy the MUA undress your skin highlighting powder as I'm more of a matte face girl, but I've had my eye on the MAC mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle for ages and I heard they had similar results and for £3 (well, it was on sale for £2!) it wasn't really much of a loss if I didn't like it. On the day it came out my Superdrug had ran out already! So I forgot about it for a while but then when I saw it on Shona's blog it reminded me and I went in to get it.
You get 7.5g of product and I love the pattern in the powder, so faaaancy. Here's where it gets meh. I love the idea of this product, and I love the swatch, the shine.. but on my face it really doesn't translate. Using a brush doesn't seem to work well with it at all and I really don't like to use my hands for powder products! I don't want to just keep applying and applying until it shows up because then there's too much product on my face. I've been trying this all week and am a bit lost for other ways I can make it work for me. It looks ok as a brow highlight but I was looking for a cheek highlight. Again, for £2 I can't complain too much so overall I'm fairly happy with the product, but I'd give it a 4/10 as an actual cheek highlight.
Do you own this? Do you agree or disagree with my review? How do you apply it?

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  1. For £2 you can't really go wrong! But it's a shame it didn't live up to expectations for a cheek highlighter, it looks really sheer so maybe just keep building it up?

    Very pretty shade though!

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  2. I love this product but I also have the brush problem when I applying this product. I hate applying with my fingers, it just feels nasty. If you find a solution I would love to hear it!


  3. Omg color looks amazing! :)