Mothers Day gift ideas

This is my first post on ideas for gifts for Mothers Day, I could take the traditional 'beauty blog' route of beauty and perfume products for your mum, but there are enough of those floating around, and my mum isn't a beauty fanatic. So here are my favourite picks for more original, crafty, and homeware gifts that your mum might enjoy. I'm only going to do two products per post just so that they aren't too long!
1 - Candle Making Kit*
My mum and I have been making some teacup candles together recently and I thought she would really enjoy this candle making kit, this ones particularly awesome because it comes with coloured dyes, candle moulds and fragrance oils, so you can make shaped candles that smell lovely and are colourful! I have a few craft kits from House Of Crafts and they're always a really high standard and have easy instructions. You can pick this kit up (on sale) from PrezzyBox for £13.95. Shop here.
2 - Bath Bomb Kit*
Awesome! I love bath bombs and with this kit, you could either make your own and give those to your mum, or let her make them (I know when I'm a mum -many many moons from now- I will still love making stuff like this!) They come with labels so that they can look even more homemade and special, and who doesn't love lavender! Can you tell how excited I am by this kit? I love the packaging as well, so cute. I think I'd love to make these and then give them to my mum as it's like that extra bit of effort of making them specifically for her. You can pick up this kit from Prezzybox.com for £13.95. Shop here.

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