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Wow, Aromatherapy Asociates, I think i've fallen in love. Their philosophy: "A simple pursuit – sharing the true power of essential oils and the incredible effects they have at a therapeutic level. Our core range of mind altering essences has become a phenomenon in the beauty world, much applauded and we are recognised as leaders in our field." Couldn't agree more, I may have only smelt these products so far but I have to say i'm sold. These are most definately luxury products (a bit pricey - but perfect gift for the mother, and yourself!) They really kindly sent me two products to review and here they are:
An intense treatment to smooth and firm the skin's appearance. Let rejuvenating rose and frankincense and potent botanical extracts go to work while you get your beauty sleep. Strawberry seed extracts feed your skin with rich fatty acids to help plump up the skin’s appearance and restore moisture, while nourishing oils of rice germ and millet seed help protect against environmental damage. Key Benefits: -Aids cell renewal and regeneration. -Provides lasting hydration. -Stimulates collagen and elastin fibres. -Nourishes and softens the skin.
This 50ml Overnight Repair Mask is a whopping £48.50! Now can we just take a moment and think about that. Thats almost £1 per ml... I will be giving this to my mum tomorrow for mothers day so I haven't tried it, and can't say if it's worth that amount. But I would definately hope so. I did take a quick sniff and it smells amazing. I will let you know what my mum thinks of it once she's been using it for a while. I love that it has strawberry in and reminds me of the products that I use from myskin that have fruit extracts in. If you want more details, or you want to buy, click here.
Oh my golly gosh and other such non sweary shoutings. These are amazing. "Experience the ultimate therapeutic splendour with this multi-award winning miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection. Complete with all the Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oils in 3 ml bottles, each allowing for one unique bath or shower experience, this set of nine miniature oils is the perfect collection to get you or a loved one immersed in the compelling power of aromatherapy." The best by far is the Lavender and pepermint. I cannot express just how amazing this smells! I think I'll be asking mum to share these with me as she doesn't really take baths. This box of 9, 3ml mini oils costs £30. Another more expensive product, but a perfect gift (for yourself) if you take alot of baths (like me) and you like to relax. I think they should last a long time as long as you dont pour the whole thing in. Also this photograph I took of them really pleases me for some reason... Seriously I wish smella..screen was invented so you could smell these. Click here to see more!!
Do you have anything from Aromatherapy Associates? What have you got for your mum this mothers day? Mine asked for daffodils!

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