The time has finally come, for me to show you the coat. Yes THE coat. That I've been banging on about for ages. I posted about it here, and said how much of a steal it was, but unfortunatly sammydress sold out before I could get my mitts on it! When Sheinside offered to send me a couple of items I was over the moon to find the same coat on offer (not for £12.. but still better than £129!) and here it is in all its glory.
I apologise for how moody and gross I look in these pictures, I wasn't in the best mood, but wanted to blog so... yeah haha. Anyway. As I mentioned in my youtube collective haul, the coat is a tad too small for me, or at leat I'd feel a bit more comfortable if it were a bit bigger.  I think as long as I wear it open and dont do any cartwheels or crazy arm waving I should be okay. Other than that I'm really pleased with it! For a zara dupe it's actually alot better quality then I expeted and the sleeves arent that kind of fake plastic, there really soft as is the wool of the coat.  Buy here.

I also picked out this black jumper with skulls on because I couldn't resist and it's just so comfy!! Buy here.
I'm really happy with the service I recieved from sheinside, the girls were all so pleasent to get in touch with and the pieces atually arrived faster then I had thought so that's a plus! Check out the store here

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