my first MAC product

So yep, today I finally took the plunge (totally over selling this...) and bought my first MAC product. I've wanted something from MAC for ages and as you know, I have issues parting with money, I always feel like I should be spending it on something better, or not so materialistic, but whilst at Cheshire oaks today I went in to The Cosmetics Company Store and noticed they had some really nice Pro Longwear Lipcreames on sale. It was between Costa Chic (an orange coral) and Love Forever, but decided on Love Forever because of my love for hot pink lipsticks so knew I would wear it indefinitely where as even though I've had my eye on Costa Chic for a long time, I'm not sure I would wear it as often. I've just looked up Love Forever and it sells for £16.50 on the MAC website, I paid £11.75, and even then when I saw the price I wavered but my mum persuaded me to 'treat myself' so I did just that and skipped off to the till.
I haven't worn it on my lips yet, but you can bet I'll be sporting it tomorrow!!
How many MAC products do you own? What lipstick or other product should I get next?

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  1. Looks beautiful! My favourite MAC shade is Creme Cup, really want Rebel though! Great choice!

    caperepulchra.blogspot.com xo

  2. Lovely colour:). I've still yet to buy anything MAC, I hate parting with money too - but think I might have to treat myself sometime this year to something MAC :). Looking forwards to seeing what it looks like on.

  3. I own about 20 products and I love 'em all!

    I'd highly suggest a custom quad palette with your favourite everyday colours or their lipsticks in "Speed Dial" or "Lickable"

    I absolutely love every single item which I've purchased from MAC, especially my paint pot in "Rubenesque" and all my lipsticks of course.
    I have their PRO 15 eyeshadow palette in all my favourites which I also use every day, combined with their 217 blending brush.

    Congrats on your first purchase ;)

    1. wow that's alot! I'm going shopping for my birthday so will have to stop off at the MAC stand and check out speed dial and likable they sound cool :D x