La roche - posay effaclar review

I really wanted to get a post up today but didn't know what to write about then remembered I hadn't reviewed my La Roche-Posay Effaclar products yet, I've mentioned that I bought them but not given my thoughts on the two. I've had them for three weeks now (almost ran out oh my god) and have some great things to say for both!
This is the item I initially went to purchase, the Effaclar Duo, a light cream that mattifies the face and helps to draw out and stop the production of sebum (an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands... ew) which clogs pores and creates spots or acne. I use this nightly and a little goes a long way (although I realised this too late and have used rather alot for three weeks, I will have to repurchase soon!) It smells really lovely and dries on the face very fast so if you use this under makeup you don't have to fan your face waiting for it to sink in. I have defiantly noticed a difference in my skin in the way it feels and how my acne looks. I am using a prescribed treatment at the moment as well as my new no7 cleansing brush but I can really tell that this in particular has really helped. It's got rid of the tiny under the skin bumps that I had on my chin, calms any redness and really stops more spots arriving. I currently only have about 4 'active' spots the rest of what can be seen on my face is scarring. So I'm very very happy with this and will most defiantly be using it for a long time!
The Effaclar Mat is the moisturiser version of the Effaclar Duo, it's a little thicker but smells the same and smooths onto the skin the same. Again, it is mattifying so perfect for people with more oily skin which I don't have but I love how it makes my skin look. It sinks in beautifully and makes your skin really makeup ready. I use this before my makeup in the morning and I have found it works really well as a primer. The properties of this product is to slow down the production of sebum again, so it works hand in hand with the Effaclar Duo. Both of these products are 40ml which is a great size and both are around £13 which I feel is a really fair price because I think the are really luxury feeling products that I would personally if not told the price, think they were in the 20's range. I piked these both up for £15 in a boots offer so keep your eyes peeled for deals! When I go shopping next I'm thinking of picking up some other products from the Effaclar range such as the Purifying cleansing gel and the targeted breakout corrector. I am super duper happy with the results of these products and would give them both a 10/10! It's love.
Do you own any La Roche Posay Products? What do you think of them?

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  1. Thanks for this, I was looking into buying these so this is a big help! I think I will now, hopefully they're still on the 2 for £15 offer!


    1. I went into boots 2 weeks later and they were still on offer! So hopefully :) xx