Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming up on the 2nd March and I will be 20 years old! No more teen years for me (boo-hoo) so I thought I'd make a little wishlist type post of a few of the things I'd love to get (I always get asked to make a little list of stuff I'd like) and also couple things I'd like to buy when we go shopping on my birthday. I haven't added everything I want to buy as that would take forever...and I'm planning to film a haul afterwards! P.S I'm currently wearing a face mask and I feel like i've had all over botox.

So, in no particular order, on my moody board of items we have: First of all a cake.. not the cake I will be having, but it's a pretty aweome cake.. Both the Vera Wang Princess and Preppy Princess Perfumes, Three pairs of the topshop flock treggings. (This is SO typical! but the dogtooth ones, after I tried them on in store, fell in love, emailed them to my mum and drooled over them, they went out of stock.. gone from all stores and the website. We even rang around.. all gone. That always happens to me when I love something!) Gift card to topshop / newlook / primark (yes primark!) Bowler hat from Topshop, I always loved them but didnt think they'd suit me or go with my hair colour, but I tried one on in topshop the other day and my mum thought it looked awesome, so I will be per chasing one on the 2nd! (lots of brackets here,but just wanted to say that I did mean per chasing, as I'm reading this in my head as I type and I always say per chasing..) (i may be hyper) (ok, on with the list) The real techniques starter kit for my eyes! The naked basics palette, love! A tattoo! Yup, thats what those random things floating in the middle are, the keywork and my favourite lyric (or one of the thousands) from a Coheed and Cambria song The Afterman (listen here yo!) no really.. listen. I never wanted a quote tattoo, like ever, but when I first heard the song, I was like, i need that. The only thing is I have no idea where to put it! I want it somewhere I can see it so, not on my back, not on my collar bone as I cant see that properly when I look down.. not along my arm.. I really dont know I just know I want it :( My mum suggested getting it around my wrist like a bracelet which sounds good but I'm really not sure. But theres no rush! If I do decide to get the Keywork it will be on the inside of my left wrist but I'm still deciding. When I first wanted a tatto about three years ago I wanted a dream catcher / pocket watch mix creation type thing.. but then SO many girls on youtube got dream catchers I didn't want to deal with the YOU COPIED SO AND SO.. not that that would really bother me, It would just get annoying, where as the lyric has meaning.. ANYWAY, whats left. The Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, this isn't on my list list, but I would like to buy it, it is like £38 though.. so I probably wont. And lastly two items from Matalan, an awesome dress and boots that are me, in a boot, if I were a shoe, that's how I'd look. This post is getting long and weird now.. I'm going to go. Goodnight! or goodmorning, or evening, whenever you're reading this.

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