Primark purchases

I picked up a couple of items from Primark and thought I'd show them here as they don't warrent a video all of their own on youtube though I may feature them in a collective haul soon. Here's what I got:
Sorry for so many photos of the shoes, I just love them! They were only £8 and they had so many different shoes of this style with different things on. Moustaches, studs, quilted. I loved them all, my 'fashion resolution' this year is to wear less leggings and more skirts and I want to top up on my ballet shoes to wear with skater skirts etc. So look out for a flurry of those in the future. I also picked up this cross necklace, it's really long and was only £2 I thought would look nice with a shirt and jumper combo.
What's the last thing you bought from primark?

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1 comment:

  1. Those pumps are so cute. My local Primark is so small & never has good stuff in. I need a trip to Liverpool to stock up