Nspa Haul

I nipped into asda today and picked up a couple of the nspa products. I wanted to repurchase the night cream as its the best that i've ever used and noticed that it was two for £8 so saved £4 by picking up the melting cleansing gel (which I've also used before.)
I love both of these products so much, they were both £6 but theres an offer on for two for £8 so go snap some up (if your not on a spending ban :P ) I talked about these products in this video. I've missed the smell of the night cream, it's so soothning and great for before bed. It has repairing qualities and works really well at smoothing those dry bits around spots and making your face really silky. The melting cleansing gel is wonderful, it gets off makeup so nicely and turns into a lovely milky substance when it gets wet. So happy to own these two again and my next purchase is going to be the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo :) Do you own any nspa products?

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