New Dressing Table

Last June Dunelm Mill gifted me a £50 gift card to purchase something to review. I couldn't decide what to to buy and then forgot I even had the card for a couple of months. I remembered I had it when I was looking at the winter sale and found a georgous dressing table called Provence , I originally had my eye on one called Toulouse but when I went to see it instore it was a little too fancy since my bed already has a beautiful sculpt I didnt want too much around my room. The Provence was originally £129.99 (which is amazing for a stool, table and mirror anyway) but in the sale was only £64.99! Then when I rememebered my gift voucher I couldn't believe it, it would only cost me £15! (well my dad, since he paid that because he's lovely)
T : R-L Provence Dressing table as pictured on Dunelm Mill | Provence Dressing Table in my room. B: R-L Drawer Dividers I made from a Cath Kidston gift box and some wall paper | My Cath Kidston christmas presents from my Aunty and Uncle.
I filmed a video of my mum and I putting together the dressing table. There were no instructions but it's pretty easy if you know basic DIY. Some pointers:
-Screw the top (bottom while the table is upsidedown) screws in first while securing the legs, these are hard to reach with the screw driver as the drawer from the table is in the way so you will need an alan key type screw driver or just a very short one.
-Make sure you remember to put the washers on!
-When attaching te mirror make sure your using the two washers that are flat on one side, these sould face the front so they arent visable when looking at the mirror and don't stick off the side.
I'm so happy with it, the only thing that I need to do is paint it.. though i'm not sure I'll do that just yet. My bed is very white and the dressing table is cream which doesnt bother me too much but I like things to match and my dad is a dab hand at DIY and painting so I'm sure he'll be keen to help. I keep going into my room to look at it because I can't quite believe I own it. As you know the only furniture I have in my room is a bed (and now this delightful piece) as we dont have enough money to buy me a new wardrobe just yet. That's next on my list. 2013 should be the year of the room tour so watch this space.

What's your favourite thing about your room? Do you own anything from Dunelm Mill? 

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  1. Wow this dressing table looks so pretty. If I only had space in my room I'd buy one too xx

    1. I love it. took up a lot less space then I thought when I put it up which is awesome :) X

  2. This is a really nice dressing table x

  3. I spotted this online the other day, it's such a bargain! I've had my eye on the toulouse for ages because I think I want something a bit bigger for the space I have. Dressing tables are just soo pretty!


    1. So worth it. I was doing my makeup sat on the floor before haa x