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Heres are a few thing I recieved recently from two online wholesale websites.
I love these boots so much! I chose them because I thought they would look so cute with ruffly white socks and a velvet dress. They are a brogue style in patent. They are only £11.34! and they came really fast in the mail which is something that always worries me when the products are coming from far away. The really sad thing is that these are way too small for me *cries* The biggest size they do is a UK6 and I am a UK6 in every shoe ever, but this is so tight on my feet I would say they were a sie 4. So if any of you are a small 5 or a size 4 and would like to take them off my hands for £8 let me know! Check them out online here.
Next I chose this awesome velvet peplum top. I love velvet and this is SO soft! I could do with it being a tiny bit bigger but its an okay fit. I chose it in a L and they also do this top in a wine red colour. This will look georgous with my disco pants! Check it out online here.
This i a top I recieved from Oasap. Another online store based in this top was £19.50 which I feel is a little pricey for a cotton t-shirt. But I am a massive fan of Peter Pan Collars and this crochet one is so pretty. It looks so pretty tucked into a skater skirt with tights and I look forward to wearing this in the spring! Check it out here.
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