eye enhancing palette

I recently received one of the new Eye Enhancing Eyeshadow Palettes from ELF, there are six palettes to choose from, two for blue eyes, two for brown and two for hazel. I got the first choice for hazel eyes as I really liked the colours in the palette. 'This collection of 6 coordinating eyeshadow shades are designed to enhance and complement the colour of your eyes. Create custom blended colour to define and contour the eye for a flawless day or night look.' They retail for £8, and you can buy them here.

I really like the colours in this palette as there's really natural which is what I use daily and then a deep purple and charcoal colour for the crease. I tried to swatch these but unfortunately you could hardly see anything at all on my arm except for the last two colours. I haven't used these on my eye yet, but I will let you know if there is a better colour pay off on a primer base and when applied with a brush! Do you like elf makeup?

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