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So, It's that time again. Wishlist time! This time for the site Secret Sales. I've talked about this website before it's one of these websites where they have exclusive sales on high end clothing, cosmetics and homeware often up to 70% off. Each sale lasts about 4 days and things tend to go quickly so I check there site every two days or so. My mum sent me a link to this sale today and I maybe did a little 'get in' dance. They have an American Apparel sale and there selling some awesome pieces. You do need an account to look at the sales but it's free to sign up and theres no demand for anything you can simply browse and buy whatever you fancy. Here what I've seen on there recently:
1 - This is what I'm most excited about. The Pleated Skirt in black. These go for £44 but on secret sales it's £18! Thats 60% off! Awesome.
2 - I've seen theis cardigan all over youtube but this is more of a cotton version then wool. Originaly £60 it's £24. Barginous.
3 - Another Pleated Skirt this time in Royal Blue . Again, was £44 but going for £18!
4 - I havent seen the American Apparel Leggings in person but if there Disco pants are a standard to go by they sould be pretty awesome. These ones are in purple and were £3 but going for £11! Thats 67% off :)
5 - Okay, so another Pleated Skirt in Sand. But there just so pretty! And so cheap.
6 - Lastly a Pencil Skirt. Was £42 now £18. Its a lobger version of my &M skirt which I love.

If you want to sign up to Secret Sales, you can do that here.
Are you signed up? Do you own anything from American Apparel?

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