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I was debating weather or not to write this blog post as I feel its such a great deal you will all beat me to it! But I'm going to do so anyway as you all are so lovely :) So if you've read the blogpost below this one (even though I've literally JUST posted it) you can see my new obsession with sammydress.com and one piece in particular caught my eye and maybe made me squeal a little... For a long while I've been lusting over this coat from Zara. It's a biker style long coat with faux leather quilted sleeves, zips everywhere and a gorgeous black wool / acrylic blend centre. Sigh. To my dismay it's £139. Which I cant even comprehend spending on a coat when i don't really need a new one. As I was browsing SammyDress I found this coat and couldn't believe it. It is identical. Down to the last zip, button and pocket detail. The price I will leave till the end of this post! So here's a little montage of the two coats side by side.

I think you can see for yourself just how identical these coats are, and oh my the price. Even with postage the sammydress version at most will cost you £25!! So excited. I will definitely try and get my hands on this coat even if i have to wait until after Christmas for a little money. It comes in S/M/L which i 8/10/12 so I will be buying a large. I just hope to god that its big enough! Here are the two coats if you want more details: Zara / Sammydress .
They also do dupes for all sorts of 'famous footwear' Jeffrey Campbel Litas, Foxy's, Tardys. I love the boots they do. But you can read all about that in the previous blogpost! 
What do you think about dupes? Would you shop on sammydress.com ? 

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