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I have not been this impressed with an on line shop in a LONG time (if ever.) I came across Sammydress.com while reading Victoria's Vintage blog and thought I'd have a little peek at what they had for sale. After shopping from Romwe.com I've got a new view on shopping from Chinese wholesale type shops. I'm so impressed my account's wish list has about 40 things in it already. So many shoes and boots I'm in love with. And the jumpers, there gorgeous. Now the only problem I have with these types of shops is the sizing. Some items are One Size only and some are S,M,L after reading the conversion charts I've learnt that a L is a 12. So if you are any bigger then a 12 unfortunately these clothes might not fit you, but the shoes will. If your a 39/UK6. I'm thankfully a 12 and a shoe size 6 so I can wear most of these. The items that are One Size fits an XS-M but looking at some of the jumpers they look very baggy and may fit a 14. The best thing about this website is the prices. Oh how I love sammydress for making everything so inexpensive. And most items are free shipping too! You will see some price examples in a moment. They sell women's, men's, accessories, bags, shoes, watches, home ware.. the lot! Here are some of the items -I couldn't fit all of them in one blogpost- in my wish list:

| 1 Striped Jumper £7.16 | 2 Sequin Collar Shirt £5 | 3 Sparkle Bag £10 |
| 4 Peter Pan Collar Jumper £8.74 | 5 Spiked Toe Boot £12.10 | 6 Polka Dot Jumper £5.29 |
| 7 Owl Necklace £1.92 | 8 Metal Boot £12.10 | 9 Spike Bracelet £2.06 |
| 10 Jewelled Camo Jacket £11.88 | 11 Velvet Skirt £5.72 | 12 Bow Jumper £9.74 |
| 13 Stud Boot £18.25 | 14 Leather Sleeve Coat £12.60 | 15 Check Back Jumper £4.86 |
| 16 Rivet Bag £12.60 | 17 Owl Earrings £5.23 | 18 Spike Back Boots £12.80 | 19 Daisy Ring £1.53 |

As you can see the prices are pretty unbelievable, and they have a ton of dupes for other brands such as Jeffrey Campbel and Zara (Next blogpost) After christmas I think I will be making a few purchases from sammydress and look forward to finding out what the quality is like!

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MEET THE AUTHOR: Serena Ozgowicz is a 24 year old Puggle owner with a passion for beauty, crafts and coding! You can follow her on facebook, twitter and instagram. Thank you for reading this post!


  1. So glad you did this post, the website looks great! I honestly love everything on your wishlist, especially love the skirt, jumpers and bracelet:) Found a great Parka type coat which I may have to ask for for christmas! Thanks;)Xx

  2. Love this wishlist! I quite like Chinese wholesaler too, sometimes not so keen on the quality of certain things, however there's some gorgeous things on this website, definitely going to make a cheeky order after Christmas!. I love the Leather Sleeve coat, The Rivet bag and Metal boots, I'm a size 7 though unfortunately :( So I doubt these will fit. I might have to even make my own wishlist now :P.

    1. I have a blog post scheduled for tomorrow that will interest you if you like that coat! :D x