Primark S/S 2013

Primark is actually one of my favourite places to shop. I think that's become a lot more acceptable to say over the past few years, especially since I was in school where primark was sort of that place the poor people shopped. There quality has improved immensely in the past few years and although some people moan that the prices have gone up It's still one of the cheapest places to shop. They have really stepped up this winter and I recently took a trip to the one in Manchester which I haven't needed to in quite a while due to one being opened 10 minutes from my home and saw an amazing array of accessories on par with whats on offer in topshop at the moment. I picked up a pair of dangly cross earrings for £1 and yes, another skull scarf this time in a wine red / maroon for £3. There was so much spiked jewellery which you all know I am loving at the moment. In fact I wouldn't say no to a Primark gift voucher for Christmas.. anyone? I was checking Instyle and came across the Spring Summer photos for the new Primark pieces of 2013. Here are some of my favourite pieces:
(Photos from Instyle, Edited by me)

| 1 Turquoise Earrings | 2 Floral Sunglasses | 3 Lace Crop Jumper | 4 Peace Earrings |
| 5 Creepers | 6 Collar Tips | 7 Neon Chain | 8 Tapestry Bracelet | 9 Turquoise Ring |
| 10 Studded Black Bag | 11 Rose Gold Watch | 12 Tan Purse | 13 Metallic Purse |

I love the black studded bag and can't wait to snap that up in spring! I'm not sure on the prices of these items or when they'll be in stock so I will have to keep my eyes peeled. But since there photos were ready I assume at least January-April. Do you shop at primark?

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