It's a christmas post!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! I had a really lovely time and got some really lovely presents. I will be filming a Christmas Haul very soon so look out for that on my youtube channel. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day over at my dads with my sister Daniella and we had lots of fun. We had my grandma over for christmas lunch and look how tiny she is compared to me, I'm 5,8" :) So cute! This was the latest I've ever got up on Christmas day clocking in at 9.30! We headed downstairs and opened our presents. Then I got changed into my 'christmas outfit' and we played with our presents, had some breakfast and watched tv. We watched the Dr Who special and ate a load of food! Boxing day I came back home and we sat around and watched films and ate (more) and then had a large ham joint for tea, awesome. Then the 27th we headed down to my town to do some sale shopping and incredibly I really didnt buy that much, I spent £5.50 and only bought two things one of which wasnt even in the sale. I may go back into town and get a tshirt I saw, one of them knock off's of the topshop GEEK top. Over all I had a really great Christmas.
          What did you do? What did you get?

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  1. Such a lovely post Serena. Hope you had a lovely Christmas, your Grandma is so cute, I always feel so tall next to my Grandma too!. Looking forwards to your Christmas Haul video.