G.I Number three - Umberto Giannini

Part three of my Christmas gift guide is a gift from Umberto Giannini, the Beauty Secrets in a Bag. A gorgeous makeup bag with illustrations on both sides and four full sized hair products. Its £18 which is really reasonable for such high quality products and makeup bag. Boots sent me this product to review and I have fallen in love with it.

 As ALWAYS, can i just say how stunning the packaging is for this. I can not fault it at all! The illustration is gorgeous and I would like to know who drew this and hug them! And also the bag. I used it when I stayed at my dads last weekend and it fit all my face wash, hair stuff and makeup brushes in with room to spare. There's a zip pocket inside and its make of easy clean material. I love the two little pom pom details on the zip too! No bad words can be said.
 This is honest to god, a miracle product. I have used it three times now and my hair has felt like I've just come out of a salon. It makes my split ends so much smoother, my hair sleeker and shiny. It also smells amazing. It comes out in the finest mist I have seen and I just brush it through my hair. I hope they sell this separately because when this runs out I will want more!
 This is the only product from the set that I'm yet to use though I think it's pretty safe to say that going off the other products its going to be just as good. the consistency is really very thick. It looks very luxury and can't wait to use it.

Lastly the shampoo and conditioner. They really are weightless and my hair feels so light and fluffy afterwards. The only thing I dislike is that you have to screw the top off and pout it in your hand which is a bit fiddly but that's ok. Not much else I can say. Perfect gift for a friend or sister and even for your mum.
Do you own any Umberto Giannini products?

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  1. I might have to look out for this! The bag is absolutely gorgeous I love the illustration too. I've tried the Moisture mask before and really enjoyed it - I sort of forgot about it to be honest so I'm glad you've posted this, I definitely need to get my hands on some more :)