G.I number Four - My Name Necklace

Number four on my Gift Ideas series is a charming necklace from My Name Necklace. They contacted me a while ago and at first I was going to decline as I've always seen name necklaces as somewhat... tacky? But I had a peek at their products and when I saw THIS one I thought... I need that. Name necklaces were made famous by Carrie from sex in the city (which i must admit, I have never watched...) But they have a style just like hers. They have a wide range of styles and price range from low 20's to 100+ You can get silver plated or Full silver and the same with gold. Mine is the Sterling Silver Dangling Charm Name Necklace and retails for £39.90 but is on sale for £29.90. It combines two of my favourite things, Silver and butterflies.
How cute is this box! You know I'm a sucker for packaging and this hasn't let me down. If you're buying this as a gift there's no need to wrap it as its already done for you!
And here it is in all it's shining gory. You choose what name you want (obviously) the charm you want - heart, flower or butterfly -  the length of the chain, and the colour of the charm. I chose Aqua as that's my fave! You can get ones without charms, with diamonds in. So much to choose from! I love the curve of the S as well. I know its weird but I really do like my name ha ha! So I'm super happy with how this turned out. I chose a 16" chain as I prefer smaller necklaces to be near my collar bones. I think this would be a perfect gift to ask for, or for a sister or relative.
Do you own a name Necklace? What colour would you get, Gold or Silver?


  1. I wear my Silver Carrie necklace all the time. I prefer gold but am not willing to spend so much on a name necklace and I wouldn't wear plated, as it wears off and looks terrible.

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