G.I number Five - Clippy Bag

Episode five of my Gift Ideas series is all about Clippy London. I own a Clippy Bag as you may of seen in a few videos which I love and I love the personalisation aspect of these products. You can make these up with personal photo before giving them as gifts which I think is great. They send me a vintage pink luxe bag which retails at £17.50, the Barbie coffee cuff in pink £12 and a sticker pack £4. The bag is gorgeous, the camera wasn't picking up the colour properly but its a dusky pink leather with golden ascents and two see through pockets on one side for you to customise.

I've not totally decided yet but i think i might stud these see through sections. I think that would look awesome and I can still use them as pockets.

 As you can see the inside is a hot pink and has lots of pockets for cards, cash and your phone so it's perfect for a night out. It has a strap so you can hold it on your wrist too.
 These stickers can be placed into the windows of clippy bags however you want, they have so many sticker sets here.

And finally, this awesome cup holder (i didn't have a proper coffee cup to show this on so I put it on a flask) which you can take out with you while winter shopping and slip round your hot chocolate to keep your hands safe. This is from the Barbie / Clippy bag collection. I love the little spoon with the pink gem on and the bow with pearl. So cute. Clippy have a ton of great gift ideas for any woman in your life and great for fitting in the budget.
Do you own anything from Clippy London?
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