Winter Floral Nail Tutorial.

Florals are usually a summer trend but this winter they've managed to stand their ground and become part of the staple trends for 2012. This nail tutorial can be modified to suit the occasion and outfit just by changing the base colour. I think a deep burgandy would be really beautiful with these cute roses on top. I wore this alot in 2011 in the summer and the winter and thought it was about time I did a tutorial for it. It's a very simple tutorial with only five steps.

You will need:
A base/ top coat. I used a Miss Sporty polish.
A base colour, something dark and wintery a black or burgandy. I used Tesco's all about nails in Emerald.
A light pink for the roses. I used a Nails inc colour in Elizabeth Street.
A red colour and a tooth pick to make the pattern on the roses.
A green colour and a tooth pick to make the leaves.
Start off by applying a base coat to protect your nails from staining.

Next apply two coats (or one if very opaque) of your chosen base colour.

Using a tooth pick or dotting tool use the light pink to create dots on the nail. I think three or four looks best.

Next use a red nail varnish and a tooth pick to create little wiggly lines on top of the dots, much like you would if making leopard prints.

Then using the same techniques use a green to make some leaves on either side of the roses and finally finish off with a top coat and your done, Easy Peasy.
If you would like to see more step by step nail tutorials please let me know :) Good look.

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