7 October 2012

Battle Of The Hot Cloth Cleaners.

Hot Cloth Cleansers are fastly becoming a part of every ones skincare routine, and if it hasn't squeezed into yours yet I hope this post shows you a few options and reasons why you should try them. Primarily Hot Cloth Cleaners are a great way to take off your make up and as the name suggests 'cleanse' the skin. Most come with a muslin cloth to softly exfoliate the skin. I have 5 to show you and compare.

First of all is the cheapest, this technically isnt a 'Hot Cloth' Cleanser however I feel it is exactly the same product. This MY SKIN cleanser from the Tesco teen skin range has an amazing aroma and a really lovely texture, its the lightest formula of all the hot cloth cleansers I own and has dandilien and marshmellow extracts.
As you can see I have totally used this cleanser up but at only £2 its no tragedy to re purchase. It removes all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. It doesn't come with a muslin cloth but you can buy them everywhere these days or you can just use a normal flannel and get the same effect. After I use this my face smells so nice ha ha. This is defiantly my favourite scent of the five. It is 150ml. The only thing I would change about this product is the packaging as its hard to get the last bits out.
SCENT: 8/10
EFFECT: 7/10
Buy it here.

Next is the second least expensive Hot Cloth Cleanser and its by the brand Nspa which is available in Asda. I love this cleanser, it comes in a box with its own muslin cloth and has coca butter and the essential oil of Neroli this is step 2 of the Nspa skincare routine which is 'Exfoliate' this product has a pump which is really sturdy and easy to use when your hands are all wet (yes that's a factor for me when washing my face)

Again, I love the smell of this as I do with all of the Nspa range! It has a real uplifting, clean smell that just makes me WANT to use it rather then seeing it as a 'chore' It leaves the skin so smooth and then i use the Nspa night cream and omg, i just love it. At £7 it's a really decent price. It's 150ml
SCENT: 10/10
EFFECT: 9/10
          Buy it here.
Now the next product is a brand you may not of heard of and its Pai. This is their duel action facial cleanser and Eye makeup remover which is alcohol and detergant free. It comes with what I feel to be the best muslin cloth I have used, it's more of a woven, sack type material that whilst still gentle on the skin gives your face a really good scrub. I have a 50ml version and you only need a tiny bit at a time.
It has Rose extract to help the skin retain moisture and restore damaged skin and Camellia which is full of Omega 3 and Vitamins A, B & D. It's suitable for Vegans and not tested on animals which goes for all the products I have here. The only problem I have with this product is the pump. It's not as easy to use as the other ones and you have to press down very hard right in the centre to get any product which can be tricky if your hands are wet. It doesnt have a very potant smell which is good but it's not as nice as the other products. 50ml - £14, 100ml - £25, 200ml - £35.
SCENT: 4/10
EFFECT: 7/10
Buy from here.

Next is the famous Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleans & Polish. Probably the most widely known and most bought hot cloth cleanser. This is the first hot cloth cleaner I owned and what got me onto trying different brands. Its renoun for its soft creamy texture, amazing panda makeup removal skills and light scent.
Liz Earle has the best texture and luxury to their cleanser i think, its very creamy and soft and gets my makeup off. When I want a smoother cleanse I will use the Liz earle because its not so harsh on my face. It smells kind of herby and 'natural.' 30ml - £5.50, 50ml - £9.00, 100ml - £14.25, 200ml - £25.50(all with muslin cloth) I also love the pump as its really sturdy.
SCENT: 8/10
EFFECT: 7/10
          Buy it here.

Lastly I have the Emma Hardie starter kit here. You get 3 15ml sample pots and an eye serumn. You also get the most amazing muslin cloth / flannel. One side is a muslin cloth and the other is the most fluffy soft flannel ♥

The first little sample is the Amazing face Natural lift and sculpt hydrating and firming treatment moisturiser. It has a slight herbal spice scent to it and its a really thick consistansy that spreads across the whole face easily.

This is what is the 'cleansing' product it is alot different to the other cleansers as its more like an oily wax. It smells like oranges and honey and just yummy goodness. Its really nice to slide onto your face and wipe of any remaining makeup.

These are Aromatherapy infused rosehip seeds that are used by mixing a little into the cleaning balm to exfoliate the skin. It's recommended that you only use these once a week.

And lastly the Eye cream, a little sample to test on wrinkles and such which I can't really comment on being only 19. Whole starter kit £25 on BeautyBay.

SCENT: 7/10
EFFECT: 6/10
Buy it here.

There are some other hot cloth cleansers I would love to try for example I know No7 (200ml) has their own version for £9.95 which looks very nice. Theres also one by Sanctuary (125ml) for £10.20, I've used Sanctuary products before and they've all been wonderful. But the one I most want to try next is the Soap and Glory (100ml) Version for £10.00.

Have you tried a Hot Cloth Cleanser? What Brands?
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