A Little Update.

Good evening.. its currently 11.36pm and I'm just finishing up for the night haha. I've been revamping my blog all night. I've not made TOO many differences to it really, just made things a bit more 'ME.' A bit softer and added a few shabby chic elements because thats just how I wanted my blog to really look. I don't think i'm finished just yet, a few more tweaks and i'll have it how I want it. Im lying in bed with my laptop, a glass of coke (yes, great idea before bed) and Mr Gorilla who you may of seen peeking out from my duvet in a few videos. Not even ashamed to have a teddy! :D
I have a few blogposts written and waiting to be posted but I thought I'd wait till its daylight to unleash those! Right then. Thats it I think, I'll just leave you with a video.. YES.. it IS Coheed & Cambria.. I'm really sorry haha! But I've had their new song on repeat for DAYS and I just thought you might like to hear it! Maybe.. See what you think! Goodnight, or good morning if you're reading this tomorrow!
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